synthetic diamonds

and grits

Offering a complete range of synthetic diamond grits and powder products to suit a wide variety of applications and industries. Operating a range of synthetic diamond synthesis and processing technologies to manufacture materials in different sizes, shapes and strengths to suit all needs while maintaining a strict quality control processes to consistently offer the best possible materials, and is certified across all production sites to ISO 9001 standards.

Helping tool makers keep their competitive advantage with a comprehensive range of uncoated and coated synthetic diamond grits, offering unrivalled performance, consistency and operational efficiencies to meet their cutting, grinding and abrasion tool needs.

SDB1000 Series

Offering a suite of coarse synthetic diamond abrasive products for sawing, cutting and polishing applications. The SDB 1000 series is manufactured by a synthesis process that produces bright yellow crystals which have high thermal stability and excellent cosmetic appearance. The synthetic diamond crystals exhibit a cubo-octahedral morphology which results in preferred wear and particle breakdown characteristics.

The SDB1000 series encompasses 1125, 1100, 1085, 1075, 1065, 1055, 1045 and 1025. This graded series of products extends from SDB1125, which is a highly crystalline, highly thermally stable product, to SDB1025, which is a friable, less crystalline product. These products are suitable for a wide range of sawing, drilling and grinding applications in the stone, construction, mining and oil and gas industries.

Micron+ synthetic diamond and CBN powders

Providing a complete range of micron powders in synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN). As the leading producer of saw- and wheel-size synthetic diamond and CBN abrasives, Element Six exercises complete control over the source materials from which Micron+ products are manufactured.

With more than fifty years’ experience in developing and producing precision graded micron powders, Element Six has developed proprietary manufacturing methods and uncompromising quality control procedures, guaranteeing that all Micron+ products meet or exceed industry customer-specific standards.

The main applications for  Micron+ products include finish grinding, lapping and precision polishing operations across the optics, electronics and automotive industries.

Maxigrit Series

The Maxigrit series has been developed for very demanding sawing, oil and gas, and mining applications. Maxigrit is a range of thermally stable products available in two grades from medium strength NDG80, to a premium strength NDG120, and each is available in six sizes. The high thermal stability of Maxigrit permits exposure to long sintering cycles and high temperatures.

Coated and clad solutions
A range of coated or clad synthetic diamond abrasives.

Coated and clad products improve the cost/performance ratio in tools through:

  • Improved particle retention
  • Protection of the synthetic diamond during sintering of the tool
  • Improved heat dissipation for longer tool life

PremaDia - wheel-size synthetic diamond abrasive

The PremaDia range encompasses synthetic diamond wheel grit products specifically developed for applications in metal, electroplated, resin and vitrified bond tools. The product range extends from PDA999+, which is a high strength crystalline abrasive suitable for demanding applications and high production rates, to the micro-chipping PDA211 suitable for grinding cermets.

Coated and clad solutions
Element Six offers a range of coated or clad synthetic diamond abrasives.  

Coated and clad products improve the cost/performance ratio in tools through:

  • Improved particle retention
  • Protection of the synthetic diamond during sintering of the tool
  • Improved heat dissipation for longer tool life


Our cutters have consistent and reliable performance characteristics and are produced to precisely defined specifications using controlled production processes. Our PDC cutters have been developed to be highly durable – with increased chip tolerance and abrasion resistance. This means the performance of our cutters increases the rate of penetration throughout the drillcycle, delivering faster drilling and lower costs.


Our indicator system supports with the selction of the best uncoated synthetic diamond grit particle strength and shape for your application.


Our coating technology is chemically bonded to each synthetic diamond particle providing a number of performance benefits:

Extends tool life by up to 50%*
Increases cutting rates by 50%* for the same tool life
Enhances crystal protrusion for faster, cleaner cutting

Protects the diamond crystals allowing sintering at higher temperatures
Protects the exposed diamond surface from any degradation caused at high temperature in aggressive material bonds
Enables the use of lower cost matrix materials, which can account for nearly 50% of the tool price

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