PDC cutters

Whether it is an impact, abrasive or multi-purpose application our extensive range of next generation PDC cutters enable the highest level of performance throughout the drilling cycle. Our cutters deliver consistently longer life, with animproved rate of penetration and a lower drilling cost.

Polycrystalline Diamond Cutters (PDC) suitable for impact, abrasion and general purpose applications – the result of continuing dedication to innovation and excellence in the Oil & Gas industry.


A market leading product offering the highest level of performance. For applications where high impact and wear resistance are required.
Superior resistance to surface flaking
Good edge retention and toughness

Engineered for applications where thermo-mechanical abrasion is dominant
Smaller wear flat generation leads to more efficient cutting.


Offering an affordable alternative where premium cutter properties are not required.
Manufactured with the same assurance of quality and reliability as our premium cutters
Deliver consistent performance in general purpose applications that do not demand premium abrasion and wear resistance

Standard specifications

Our cutters have consistent and reliable performance characteristics and are produced to precisely defined specifications using controlled production processes. Our PDC cutters have been developed to be highly durable – with increased chip tolerance and abrasion resistance. This means the performance of our cutters increases the rate of penetration throughout the drillcycle, delivering faster drilling and lower costs.

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