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Diamond Abrasives Australia based in Melbourne, Australia, is the authorised distributor for Australia and New Zealand of Element Six synthetic diamond supermaterials. As such we offer the complete range of industrial synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride, and polycrystalline (PCBN and PCD) products. Diamond Abrasives also offers the complete range of Element Six Hard Materials tungsten carbide products.

About Us

Proudly supporting manufacturing in Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years, we are the authorised distributor of Element Six synthetic diamond super materials. As such we offer the complete range of industrial synthetic diamond, cubic boron nitride, polycrystlline (PCBN and PCD) products and PDC cutters. Diamond Abrasives Australia also offers E6 Hard Materials tungsten carbide wear products and inserts, as well as the D power road pick: diamond tipped road planing picks. We can assist in applications where the extreme properties of synthetic diamond are opening up, such as waste water treatment.


Mining and Construction

Offering significant wear protection and retain their sharp cutting edges much longer – ensuring an optimum finish and drilling efficiency. Wherever materials are cut, sawn, drilled or ground in the mining, chemical and oil and gas industries, moving up from steel to Tungsten Carbide can improve tool life, dimensional accuracy, cost efficiency and productivity.

Oil and Gas

Providing an array of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and tungsten carbide materials suitable for the oil and gas industry.

Automotive and Aerospace

Providing supermaterials and innovative products that transform automotive and aerospace machining.


When conventional material solutions aren’t enough and you need something that can enable you to achieve the otherwise impossible.

Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) diamond can be tailored to help you overcome your engineering obstacles, tackle new fields of research, or performance that makes your brand and products stand out.

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